Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Jelly's Janoskis!

Hello blog readers you wonderful beings you! How are we all today?
Today I have something a little different, nails inspired by shoesssss.

So I was just going about my usual daily facebooking, looking at the typical uploads of peoples' food (I'm a prime suspect for this), rants and the fifty uploads of peoples' children growing up... My eyesight suddenly was caught by something truly beautiful... Shoes.

I thought to myself... I want that.

After asking my friend where he possibly got these lovely shoes, I was informed they were sold out everywhere and after looking online realised that the now £220 price tag for a pair three sizes too big for me might be slightly out of my reach.

I have however tried to transfer the pattern onto my nails and came up with this mani! As you can see above my Nike tick went a little wrong... That was like the third attempt after doing it backwards and my impatience constantly getting the better of me, putting on a top coat too quickly and smudging everything.

I did want to stay "true to the shoe" with the Nike logo but it really wasn't going to plan so I decided to stick with something a little easier. 

For the base colour on my thumb and ring finger I used China Glaze - 1072 Elephant Walkand for the others I used Rimmel - Round and Round The Garden 813

I then applied MUA - STORMY SKIES
Nails Inc - Leather Effect
and some green and brown acrylic paint in random splodges with a dotting tool. 

For the roses I used a mixture of Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
Topshop - Nails in Milkshake, Powder Pink
Models Own - Neon Ice Collection, Pink Punch
Estee Lauder - Pink Fever 95
and some white acrylic paint for the shadowing. I also used some other acrylics paints for small detailing around the nail.

The white and black laces etc were done with my Models Own nail art pens. 

So I hope you've enjoyed this look! Something a little different :) Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.



  1. omg these shoes are amazing! i love nike! i also like your take on the shoes on your nails!

    1. Thanks so much my love! Yeah they're awesome, I've been tipped off there is some in a shop nearby so fingers crossed I can get hold of some! :)

  2. These look so cool, as do the original shoes, too! Shame you can't find a pair that fit you :)

    I love your mani version, you captured the shoes so well!

    1. Thank you so much my love! I hope you're well. I managed to get a pair! They're a size too big but I don't care, I've been flopping about with them hanging off me feet all weekend :P x


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